Minddriven Reviews: Fire Style! Album by Big Lugg

Ever since I started my journey into DJing and music production, I’ve come across several artists whose music felt a little different than what I normally would listen to. Back in 2008 (my senior year of high school) I was all about Outkast, Pharrell, and my high school anthem “Party Like A Rockstar” by the Shop Boyz. Electronic music was the furthest thing from my mind until Summer of that year, when I stumbled across another world called an ‘anime convention’. It was during the late night Otakurave where I saw the DJ throwing out banger, after banger. (I’ve already done the Shamus meme once, so I’m not gonna do it again…fine.)

After banger, after banger, after banger, after banger…

There. Happy? Okay, let’s more on.

Around July of 2010, I found myself at my local downtown arts and gaming event called Artscape; where they would showcase art from local artists, as well as people from around the state of Maryland, and Pennsylvania. It was then I would discover a new form of rap where instead of hearing about ‘bricks’, ‘stacks’, and ‘freaky ass girls’; the lyrics talked about anime, video games, and nerd culture as a whole. The best part? Everything flowed!

That genre…was Nerdcore.

Back in the early days it wasn’t very well ‘liked’ by hip-hop elitists and hardcore fans only because it wasn’t considered as ‘real hip-hop’. To them, it was just a bunch of nerds ‘rapping’ about the latest episode of Pokemon, or how Exodia ‘one-shot’ all three of Kiba’s Blue Eyes’ Dragons. Honestly I didn’t know much of any Nerdcore artists besides MegaRan and Sammus, however now that I’m a producer and a DJ, my perception of Nerdcore has changed – in a good way! With that said, I found myself stumbling across a Nerdcore rapper that I really think a lot of people should check out (if they haven’t already). I don’t think there is any other artist that was able to pull this off. This artist was able to do something that I never thought was possible, even though it could be cool if it could be done. As a Naruto fan, I think this is one album that you HAVE to check out; especially if you’re a Sasuke fan! The album is called “Fire Style”, and the artist is Big Lugg. 

So, you wanna know why I think you should check this album out? Well, we all thought about what it could be like if our favorite voice actors could sing/rap in character. Well guys n’ gals, THIS is what it looks like! Sasuke’s got more bars than Naruto’s got fillers, and its not just him; Rock Lee, Kabuto, Temari, Madara’s voice actors are also spittin’ hot fire on this album as well. The only criticism I have about it, is that Killer B wasn’t on it. (And I’m not the only one who thinks that!)

There’s 13 tracks total, and so far the one I got on repeat is “Dub Love” by Sasuke and Temari’s voice actors; Yuri Lowenthal and Tara Platt. Let me tell ya, Big Lugg should be GOATED for this. Why? Because there is no other nerdcore artist that I know of; who will go the extra mile to get the ACTUAL voice actors from the anime that he’s rapping about, on a track with him! If that’s not something a GOAT would do, then I dunno what is! If the Naruto voice actors can do that; imagine hearing a diss track from Vegeta, or even one from Bakugo…?

All-in-all, I love this album, and I think if you’re a Naruto fan (Narutard, or whatever you call yourself), you’re gonna wanna by or stream this album. You can find “Fire Style!” of Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube, and everywhere else music is streamed or sold online. With all of that said; please Jamie Marchi and Monica Rial, I’d love to produce a Panty & Stocking Nerdcore rap album with you, cuz’ that would make my dream bucketlist complete! 😉

Until next time, keep spinnin’!

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