Minddriven Records

Minddriven Records is an independent digital music label created by Avidd Minddset in 2021, who is the founder and CEO. The label’s primary focus is geared towards independent artists, music producers, and DJs. Primary genres that this label specializes in would include Dance/Electronic genres like Deep House, Tech House, Drum and Bass, EDM Trap, Chiptune, and Future Bass. Secondary genres include Lo-Fi, Hip-Hop, Nerdcore, and R&B. What makes Minddriven Records different from other labels is that the label has an “artist first” mentality in terms of creative control and master recording ownership. There’s no pre-scheduled deadlines of when you have to put music out for this label unlike your major labels. For Minddriven Records, it is the artist that has full control over when to release music – meaning they release their music when they’re ready!