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Welcome to Avidd Minddset Official, the official website of Avidd Minddset!

On here you’ll find everything from New Releases to upcoming DJ appearances! Avidd Minddset Official is more than just a website; its a unique hybrid of a digital independent music label (Minddriven Records), and a DJ portfolio website. If you want to keep up with the latest announcements and not miss anything happening here, be sure to follow and subscribe to my OFFICIAL page as well as my other social media platforms!



Donte’ Lewis (known as Avidd Minddset) is an Electronic Music Producer and DJ from Baltimore, MD. He became inspired to produce music after listening to a DJ set at an anime convention in Baltimore called “Otakon” in 2008. Two years later he would produce his first DJ mix called “The Nightclub 2010 Mix” with just a laptop, and a copy of MAGIX Music Maker 12. His first single entitled “Otakon” was released in 2012 on Youtube under the artist name “D.J.L.”, followed by two other Hip-Hop DJ mixes in 2013. Wanting to improve his mixing and mastering skills, Lewis took college classes from 2014-2018 at CCBC Essex in Baltimore County, MD.

During that time he would learn about Music Theory, Mixing, Mastering, and Compression. In 2019 Lewis would ditch his previous artist name “D.J.L.” for the moniker of today; Avidd Minddset. His sound would also change from more of an Electronic Hip-Hop/R&B vibe, to more dance-oriented styles; such as Deep House, Tech House, Chiptune, EDM Trap, and DNB (Drum and Bass). In November of 2020 Avidd Minddset would return as a full-fledged DJ, and bought himself the Pioneer XDJ-XZ DJ system. He took several online masterclasses to learn about how to beatmatch, mixing using EQ, and DJ FX transitions. His style of DJing may be more on the ‘traditional’ side, but Avidd Minddset has developed his own style in how he mixes and transitions from one song to the other. For him, DJing is more than just spinning music for a crowd, its about finding yourself and discovering who you are as a person. Although he has High-Function Autism, Avidd Minddset is avidly pursuing his dreams and achieving his goals as a DJ, and as a person on the spectrum.

The Birth of Minddriven Records

In 2021 Avidd Minddset created his own independent digital music label known as Minddriven Records. Although he released his first EP entitled “Minddgames” the previous year, Avidd Minddset didn’t want to look for or even sign to any major labels. He felt like his style of music didn’t “fit in the mold” of what ‘Top 40’ artists were releasing at the time (and even now), however being an independent artist in his own right had a lot of benefits better suited for the path he was on. Thus he created Minddriven Records and released all of his 2021 releases (and beyond) under his label. Even though the music genres of this label were geared towards the style of music that Avidd Minddset produces (mainly being dance/electronic), he’s open to other genres such as Lo-Fi, Nerdcore, R&B, and Hip-Hop to name a few. 

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