Pandem DJ: The ‘New’ Bedroom DJ

By the time the end of 2019 rolled around, many of us were preparing ourselves for a brand new decade. The 2010s had some neat, awesome, sad, disgusting, and hopeful events that happened; especially in the music industry. Pioneer introduced the “Standalone Series” of  All-in-One DJ equipment during this decade; allowing aspiring DJs (that had the money) to follow their dreams of making it big, and hopefully opening up for some of their favorite superstars. 2019 was also the year the XDJ-XZ came out, which for many, is the de facto standalone system for DJs who want that feel of playing on real club gear. Enter 2020, the start of the next decade! What new music will we hear from our favorite EDM artists? What new DJ gear will we get to see at the next NAMM Expo? What exciting new possibilities await for us as we step into the next decade? What – oh…


2020 was also the year the biggest epidemic to ever hit the U.S. happened, and has never caused this much chaos since the Spanish Flu of 1918. Everyone knew where they were when the first case happened, and because of the level of politically charged baggage that’s associated with this particular epidemic, it has left many of us to socially distance ourselves from others whom we’ve once considered as friends and family. (Even our extended relatives.) No nightclubs, no events, and no outdoor EDM festivals could be found anywhere during this time. It was also the year that touring DJs became bedroom DJs once again, although for many of them, that’s actually how they got their start.

There was one other thing I’ve also noticed during 2020; the amount of bedroom DJs I found on Spotify and Mixcloud was insane! During the latter part of the year, a lot of aspiring DJs who managed to save up and get their gear and start practicing, started popping up all over the place through livestreams on Twitch and Youtube (if it didn’t get a copyright strike). I would consider 2020 as the “Year of the Pandem DJ”, where there was an increase of aspiring DJs who became bedroom DJs during the pandemic. Yes, I’m a Pandem DJ too.

Nevertheless 2020 was the year that video streaming platforms like Zoom were getting an insane amount or members (or subscribers), due to everyone from everywhere being online – cuz’ everything was shut down! While some DJs decided to try their hand at other ventures and hang up their headphones, other ‘Pandem DJs’ took to Twitch or Mixcloud and started streaming their DJ sets live; hoping to boost their presence within the community, follow their dreams, and just have fun doing it.


Honestly the pandemic made a lot of people really question themselves, as to where they will see themselves in five years. I asked myself this same question in 2018, and I never thought I would become a DJ in a pandemic. So, now that there are aspiring DJs who have now become bedroom DJs during a pandemic, where do they go from here? Sure, clubs and lounges have re-opened their doors to crowds again; with promoters on the hunt for DJs to spin at said establishments, but for ‘Pandem DJs’, what other alternatives do they have if they’re not confident enough to perform in front of large crowds?

That’s right; 2020 also gave rise to Twitch DJs (which I already said before), Mixcloud Livestream DJs, and Zoom Rave DJs. With so many online platforms and marketing tools out there for bedroom DJs to build a following from, I wouldn’t be surprised if the biggest name in DJing, can olny be found and heard on Twitch. VR has also given bedroom DJs a place where they can DJ at their favorite music festivals, without actually being there. They even have VR Raves where users have their avatars dancing to the music the VR DJ throws on, which might be the next step in Stay-at-Home DJing. As for me, I’m not quite ready for the VR world of DJing just yet, but it’s awesome to discover so many new and upcoming DJs who came from one of the worst events in history, to make this world a better place one beat at a time.

Until next time, keep on spinnin’! 😉


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